The Advanced technique classes are available only as a one-to-one Masterclasses. They are designed for you to learn a number of the more advanced level knitting machine techniques with plenty of time to practise and experiment. The advanced classes build upon the base knowledge learnt in the beginner and intermediate classes.

The different advance level classes are:

  • LACE CARRIAGE – punchcard lace patterns
  • INTARSIA CARRIAGE – planning and following a design
  • HOLDING/SHORT ROW KNITTING – knitting frills, spikes and organic shapes

Within each individual class you will create a range of samples to take away with you and learn from.

For the Advanced Classes, learners need to have attended the Beginner or have sufficient knowledge in using the knitting machine, its operations and want to learn more.

The machines used on the course will be Brother knitting machines. All equipment and yarns will be provided, along with technical notes with instructions to go with your class.

The one-to-one masterclasses cost £35 per hour. This class can be timetabled on any day that we are open depending on availability.